Francesco Petrarca

Francesco Petrarca

No hype.

In our view, the art of reading for contemplative pleasure is being lost. The louder today's presses proclaim, the greater the loss to reading. We take a contrary path.

No blurb.

Omnipresent blurbs have brought meaninglessness. We publish books able to stand on their own feet.


We love books and everything about them. We craft books informed by the noble history of typographical humanism.


We cast our nets deep rather than wide. We shall never be a mass-production press.


We are beginning to build our catalog. The next book in our Mary MacLane series is Human Days: A Mary MacLane Reader; this 600 page anthology to be released in late September 2014 returns to print the striking works of "the first blogger" - America's pioneering female revealer of self, home-grown Surrealist, and fighter for an authentic world. Following in 2015 will be Mary in the Press: Miss MacLane & Her Fame, a 1000-page collection of primary media documents on her still-astonishing career. Also calendared for 2015 is the first-ever biography of this striking personality: A Quite Unusual Intensity of Life: The Lives, Works and Influence of Mary MacLane. We invite readers to visit regularly and find out the latest news. Join us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.